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SmartSoft Gaming was founded in Georgia in 2015, by veterans of this industry, with the goal of establishing a unique iGaming software studio that provides high quality games to gamers around the world.

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SmartSoft strives to create innovative, unforgettable games for its players and superior software and services for its partners. Their flagship game JetXcreated in 2018, was the first breakthrough in the non-traditional gaming category and remains at the forefront of transforming non-traditional gaming from a niche segment to the mainstream for casino operators.

SmartSoft Gaming
SmartSoft Gaming

In addition to JetX, SmartSoft Gaming offers a wide range of products, from other non-traditional games, to slot machines, as well as live and virtual casino games. All of them are of impeccable quality, attractive design, excellent functionality and appealing gamification elements.

SmartSoft Gaming contact information and licenses

How to contact SmartSoft Gaming:

SmartSoft Office:

  • 71 Vazha Pshavela Ave, Tbilisi, Georgia

SmartSoft Gaming Licenses and Certifications:

ROMANIA National Gambling Office of Romania - Nr.1180/28.06.2021
GEORGIA Ministry of Finance of Georgia - N 19-02/04
MALTEA Malta Gaming Authority - MGA/B2B/925/2021
CROATIA Game and RNG certificates issued by iTech Labs
ROMANIA Game and RNG certificates issued by Gameing Associates Europe
ITALY Game and RNG certificates issued by iTech Labs
COLUMBIA Gaming and RNG certificates issued by iTech Labs
MALTA Gaming and RNG certificates issued by iTech Labs
BELARUS Gaming Trade Monitoring Center. iTech Labs' Gaming and RNG Certificates are approved by CMBG Test Report N 21/42

More SmartSoft crash games (XGames)


SmartSoft Balloon
SmartSoft Balloon

The Balloon game loop is both fun and easy. Simply choose your bet, click and hold the big purple button on the right side of the playing field, wait for the balloon to inflate, release it at any time to collect your winnings, and repeat until the balloon bursts.


JetX3 SmartSoft
JetX3 SmartSoft

The game in JetX3 is similar to the basic crash game, but with a more enjoyable twist. Most current crash games allow you to place two bets in one round of play, whereas JetX3 allows you to make three separate bets on different fighter planes per round. This is a big difference from other crash games where players only bet on one object. If that object crashes prematurely, the player loses his chance to win, even if he placed two bets instead of one.

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Cappadocia SmartSoft
Cappadocia SmartSoft

In Cappadocia, you are not entirely alone, even though it is a solo experience. There are leaderboards and other aspects that show that other people are playing too. However, one crucial element is that you can start whenever you want - the game rounds are not shared between players. You have a total of 5 buttons to launch different balls with different bet amounts. After launching, the button turns into a "Cash Out" button. Your goal is to collect your winnings before the balloon bursts. The longer you stay in the game, the greater the potential reward, but also the greater the risk of losing.


SmartSoft Gaming is a cutting edge company that has developed some of the most exciting games in the electronic gaming industry. JetX, their flagship game, continues to be popular, and they have also produced other innovative games such as slots, live casino games and virtual casino games.

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